Sunday, June 1, 2008

Myopic Mahathir and Makkal Sakthi

Tun Dr. M is either still wearing his blinkers or he has a bad case of glaucoma. He seems only to be able to see in front of him and not to his right or left. He too cannot see behind, his 22 years of Myopic Mahathirism. What gets to me is how myopic could this person be after the 12th GE Makkal Sakthi? And he is supposed to be a leader with some grey matter between his ears.

He and his UMNO stooges who support him now (actually I believe all the Putras and stooges still support him but are refusing to show support as they may loose what ever power or contracts they have now) do not see that even the Malays are not supporting them. Many UMNO members deserted UMNO during the recent election.

The winds of change is here and the only way is to follow the trade winds or get marooned in some godforsaken island. The Makkal Sakthi is no more a Tamil or Sanskrit word meaning People Power. It has become the Malaysians' demand for fairness and justice no matter Indian, Chinese, Malay or anyone else as long you are a Malaysian Citizen legally.

What I heard before, during and after the election was that Makkal Sakthi broke through all barriers or race and religion. Its only and ultimate request is for fairness and justice. It has been embraced by most Malaysians except these myopic Tun Dr. M's stooges and of cause all the other UMNO and BN component parties. Has anyone heard anyone from these parties use the word Makkal Sakthi? I have yet to hear them say it cause just like Tun Dr. M, all of them are in the denial phase now soon to follow with depression. They want to take us back to the pre Pak Lah era with their myopic view.

All Malaysian respect the rights of the raja-raja Melayu and the special rights of the Malays but they have had enough of is Ketuanan UMNO. The Chinese, Indians, Malays and many Bumiputras are also pissed off that Indonesians and Filipinos can be come citizens and Bumiputra over night. Many of us here have been here for more than three generations and we are still considered outsiders and yet, just to have more Bumiputras and Malays they were "converted" over night through Project IC. Till now nothing has been done about it. When I scream for the Malaysian badminton team, these Indonesians still support their players while holding Malaysian IC and Bumiputra rights. What crap is this!!

Bumiputras mean "children of the land" in Sanskrit. Many of our forefathers may have been brought into the country by the British or travelled here for a better life and were given citizenship in 1957. But they were our forefathers. The rest were born and bred here, singing Negaraku and reciting the Rukun Negara. This is the only country they know and have lived in. We are all also children of this land Malaysia.

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slurpking said...

Whoever wrote this paragraphs...
I salute you from the bottom of my heart...
Thank you for undewrstanding of how we feel...